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USA-AntosikTravel Agency is a family own traveling agency committed to quality vacation packages and traveling plans.
We offer individual, group and family vacation packages to breath taking places you and your family are sure to love.


Our mission is to provide the best cost-efficient trip opportunity to our customer to discover world and explore the wonders of the nature.


Our value statement is embodied in the acronym PRICE:

P- professionalism, conduct ourselves with integrity and deliver superior programs to our customers.

R- respect, dedicated to satisfying our customers, listening to their request and understanding their expectations. We strive to exceed their expectations in affordability, quality and on time delivery. We will consistently add more value at lower cost with faster response through our competence, teamwork and creativity.

I- Integrity, accountable for the highest standards of behavior, always doing the honest and fairness in all aspect of our profession.

C-Customer, consistently treat customers with the respect they deserve and we want every customer who comes in contact with us to know that we do things the right way. We act with speed to make up or resolve needs of our customers and we don’t take short cuts.

E- Excellence, agile enough to act faster than our competitors. We want good news to travel fast and bad news to travel even faster up the line. The sooner we communicate a problem, the easier it is for us to use company’s resources to solve it.

Remember, to ensure you are saving money on traveling, and spending more money on souvenirs, please contact us today.

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